Shopping made simple

Be notified when products on your list are stocked at a store near you.

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What's this all about?

Next time you think of something you want, booodl it.

booodl - add to your list

Add to your list

All you have to do is add your wants, whether that's a new pair of sneakers or a replacement moisturiser. From there, we've got it.

booodl - receive notifications

Receive notifications

If you happen to be near a store that stocks something you want, we'll let you know. You add, we remind. It's shopping that fits into your schedule.

booodl - purchase what you want

Purchase what you want

If it's a convenient time, great! Head in store and buy it. You've just saved yourself a trip to the shops later.

Time is precious, don't waste it.

Booodl it.

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